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Our peaches are available in the farm market, pick your own &

at select local markets!

What's the difference?

Clingstone Peaches

 As the name implies, the flesh inside a clingstone peach clings to the pit. Clingstone peaches make up for their tight grip by having a sweeter, softer and juicier flesh than freestone peaches.


Freestone Peaches

 When you cut a ripe freestone peach in half, the pit will easily pull away from the flesh. Freestone peaches are often larger and have a firmer texture.


Semi-Cling Peaches

 Semi-freestone peaches have a similar sweetness and texture to a clingstone peach with a pit that is easy to remove, like a freestone peach. When you are at the farm picking or in the farm market you may hear semi-cling peaches called semi-clingstone, semi-free, or semi-freestone.

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  1. Prepare the peaches for freezing by peeling and slicing them. 

  2. Lay the peeled peach slices in a single layer on a baking sheet with parchment paper or wax paper. keep the peaches in a single layer.  

  3. Set the baking sheet in a freezer until peaches are frozen through. 

  4. Transfer the frozen peach slices to a resealable plastic bag and seal. 


Perfectly Ripe Peaches 

If the peaches you have are perfectly ripe but you aren't quite ready to eat them, simply store them in the fridge. The cold will slow down their off-tree ripening. Check chilled peaches frequently; the cold air in the refrigerator is dehydrating, so watch out for any wrinkly skin, a sign of both drying and over-ripening. 


If your peaches could stand to be a bit softer, keep them on the kitchen counter. You can even let them sit in a spot of sunshine to speed things up a bit (just make sure that spot doesn't get too hot).

Firm Peaches 

For peaches that are still quite firm and you'd like to get them moving along, put them in a paper bag—it will capture the ethylene gas they give off naturally and speed up the ripening process.

Speed Things Up 

Still not quick enough for you? Add a banana or an apple in the bag. These give off even more ethylene than peaches and will hurry the peaches along.

Check Frequentl

once peach is ripe be sure to eat it so it doesn't go from ripe to rotten.

Leave them alone

peaches are fragile! overhandling will cause bruising, which will cause them to rot faster! 

Sweet smelling doesn't mean ripe

Not all peaches give off a super sweet scent, don't pass up a peach just because it doesn't "smell sweet"

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