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Field Trips on the farm

Summer & Fall field trips

Field trips to the farm are a great way to get out of the class room & enjoy fresh some fresh air! 

Trips are approximately 1 hr. long and include a private wagon ride to the picking location, one picking container per participant* , one apple cider donut and a cup of apple cider per participant. Minimum of 10 and Maximum of 25 people per trip. Cost is $15 per participant and $5 for chaperones** Payment in full, along with a non refundable booking fee of $25 is due at time of booking.



*Picking containers: summer trip - 1 pint for blueberry picking.  fall trip - 1 tote bag (1/4 peck) for apple picking

** chaperones will be included in the snack, if chaperones would like to pick they can purchase containers separately at the group rate. 

Seniors day out

Seniors day out is a great way to enjoy fresh air, beautiful scenery and of course shopping in the market! 

included is a 1/2 hr. private wagon ride tour of our beautiful farm, a apple cider donut & small cup of hot coffee per participant (no picking is included). Cost is $5 per participant (including chaperones), payment in full, along with a non refundable booking fee of $25 is due at time of booking. Participants are than welcome to browse the farm market (all additional purchases are not included) Minumum of 10 and maximum of 25 people  

Keep in mind.....

1. We are a working farm.
There is dirt, mud and uneven ground. Sometimes the weather does not go according to plan, we do continue on with scheduled trips even in the rain (providing there is no thunder/ lightning) Please dress accordingly 

2. Bees and other insects are present!
Bees are important to us & cannot be contained to a specific area. If you have allergy concerns please plan accordingly.

3. weather

If there is severe weather forecasted for a trip day, we will do our best to reschedule. if rescheduling is not possible we will refund the cost of the trip minus the $50 non refundable deposit.  

4. Respect fruit & property.
Please do not allow children to throw fruit on the ground in order to pick another piece of fruit, or if they have "too much". Once fruit is on the ground it is unusable and wasted. No climbing of trees/ equipment, playing in or near ponds, or in the parkinglot is allowed.

5. Food allergies

Please be aware of any allergy concerns of people in your group. the snack we provide is a cider donut & cup of apple cider. The donuts contain Milk, Egg, Wheat & Soy ingredients. If we are made aware of allergy needs before the day of the trip, an alternate snack can be provided.  

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